After Kaiser Corp. had stopped selling their eponymous car

… they were promoting concept cars that made use of the aluminum that they produced in bulk. This is from 1958.


Looks like a Jetsons car with wheels.

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That roofline practically shouts 1954 Kaiser Manhattan.

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Aluminum has been used to build car bodies for more than 120 years.

Now an all-aluminum car would be unique in '58.

I think it looks pretty good.

Especially when you consider the chrome-laden abominations that GM was churning-out in 1958:

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As @old_mopar_guy pointed out… has elements of the Kaiser Manhattan

Tasteful use of chrome

Well the neighbor had one of those Buicks and we all kind of liked it. Traded after the daughter destroyed their 58 Chev. I liked the Chev better though.

You made me take a deep dive back to the late 50s and early 60s. Buddy holly with not fade away and ending with The Rolling Stones doesn’t matter anymore. Brought back memories. Too bad some of you young people missed it all. They really told the story of teens back then.

There is an annual tribute to buddy every year in clear lake, Iowa that I’ve always wanted to go to. Been there in July but February roads and climate in Iowa keep me home.

Not a Buick, its an Oldsmobile

What? Why you are correct sir, but they had a Buick. ( the Chev dealer also sold Buicks so that makes sense, but the olds dealer was different.). My bad.

Don’t feel bad, when I first looked at that picture I thought it was a '58 Buick too.

Sure make me look up eponymous, Thanks I love to learn. Guess Edsel would qualify. I have an old hickory shaft putter, Aluminum was very expensive way back then, now we recycle it for no profit to me.

There are two 58 pictures. First one is a Buick, second is an Olds.


Thanks but the trunk on the first one clearly says Oldsmobile. I never thought they were that similar. I was only ten years old then so memory is fading. 59 and 60 are more clearly in my mind.

No portals on either car and both show the exact number of letters as the name “Oldsmobile” on each.

Edit: @It_s-Me made me take a closer look, it says Roadmaster on the trunk and in the fender trim, so one Olds and one Buick


It says Roadmaster

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Oh gee, I quit. Blew it up and yeah roadmaster. It also has that on the side tail fin. At least the Pontiac looks more like an Edsel.

'58 and '59 were the two years that Buicks didn’t have ‘ventiports’:
Buick Portholes: A 10-Minute History | Mac’s Motor City Garage (

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You’re right, it sure does. I feel redeemed.

Some of you watched too few episodes of “Highway Patrol”, though Dan drove Junior level cars, ie 88s and Century’s’.

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Yup! There was also an occasional Dodge or Mercury.