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At the risk of sounding really stupid–can someone tell me how to find this page again once I delete my email that has the link that got me here because someone replied to my post. I just went to cartalk’s main page but can’t seem to figure out from there how I ever got here in the first place—I’ll take a lil friendly needling for sounding/being stupid but this is a serious question on my part.Thanks, Lanny44

I just go to the list of most talked about questions (there’s about three) on the main page and entere there. Once I do that I do a “pulldown” on the “Topic Index”.

I’m sure there’s a more direct portal, but I’m only marginally computer saavy.

If you just want to find the bulletin board, click on ‘Bookmarks’ or ‘Favorites’ (depending on your browser) and then click on ‘bookmark this page’. I did that from ‘Topic Index’ so that I can choose where to start. If you want the specific post, you can search for your name and the approximate date of your post and pick from the list.

Once you are into Cartalk, just click on “Email&Chat” which will get you to this page.

Hey Lanny – one thing to do to track your recent posts is to look on the left-hand side of the screen and click View Profile. Inside the box below your profile, you’ll see a list of the discussions you most recently created or participated in.

Also, if you deleted the e-mail notifying you of a reply, you should be getting another one if someone replies after you visit the page. It won’t happen every time, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get another.

Thanks to the 3 of you that replied–all the info is helpful since I am not very tech savvy.