I can't find my original post. what to do?

People who have posted a question don’t come back, sometimes (often?), because they can’t find their post. When you enter your original post, you should write down the exact title of your post. Then, go to the red banner, click on Search. Then, enter that title in the Keyword block to find your original post.

It IS pretty easy to lose track of everything on this board since we don’t have the “view posts since last visit” options like most other forums do

one other option is to click on your own name. it give the last three posts you have entered.

On the old system, you could flag the message as a favorite, and quickly find it as a listing on your profile page. I guess that is another feature we lost.

on the off chance someone from cyberbabes’ office actually READS this: i really liked (AS IN PAST TENSE) the ability to select the option to be able to have the most recent post listed first, so that no one has to wade through the multiple pages of drivel to get to the most recent response.