ok there are some weird things going on here, first of all, it takes me forever to get to the question page, whats that about? then, i have the coolest thing ever (look up “OUCH” on cartalk questions) but i cant find it on the regular questions, and at the top is says “CARTALK ASKS”, whats that all about?


When you get to the start of the ‘questions’ page, bookmark it.


Get to the site by going up top where it says address and type in Do that once and every time after that you only have to position the cursor after the two slashes, type in ac and delete everything after that and a dropdown box will open with the site listed, just click on that and you are in.


When you see “Cartalk Asks”, I think that means that the mods have taken your post out of the regular listing for whatever reason (flagged?) I don’t think they’ve actually written an actual place for posts to go when they’re flagged, so they just stick them “somewhere” and they get the “Cartalk Asks” banner. All just assumption on my part, but I get the feeling the Cartalk Asks thing is another feature that didn’t quite get implemented and they are using it to hide posts that they feel shouldn’t be active anymore.