Thinking of buying a 2019/2020 Crosstrek

I’m considering buying one of these, 2019 or 2020 Crosstrek, for my daughter. Should I have second thoughts?

I am not sure why you are asking that on a forum. That seems like a family decision . Of course if both are new you will have a warranty so that is good.

It’s a family decision, but lots of people still want other people’s opinions. When I’ve made major purchases, sometimes there were things I didn’t think to look out for.

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I’d consider it if I was wanting a car for a son or daughter. I think this model was revised in 2019, so I might go for a 2020, so that some of the new car issues have been worked out.

Do you live where all wheel drive is needed? If not, also take a look at the Corolla hatchback. Subarus do require additional maintenance over FWD alternatives.

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I’d look at the Corolla hatchback and the Mazda3 as alternatives as well.

They are decent cars with many satisfied buyers and incredible resale. The biggest grip to some is tepid acceleration compared to other vehicles out there.

The extra maintenance entails $50-$100 differential oil changes every 50-60k. Subaru is actually a cheaper AWD system to maintain compared to the jury rigged AWD systems many FWD based vehicles have.

A couple of months ago, I took my Outback to the dealership for the Takata airbag recall. I was given a brand new (less than 400 miles on the odometer) Crosstrek as a loaner car, and I drove that Crosstrek for two days.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed driving it, and while I only did local driving, its acceleration seemed to be decent. I’m sure that if I took it onto an Interstate, I wouldn’t have been quite as impressed, but in local driving it was a fun car to drive.

along with extremely regular tire rotation needed to keep the depths within 2/16" meaning a blowout could mean replacing all four tires at once, even if the other tires still have plenty of life left in them. Don’t get me wrong, I like Subaru’s AWD system, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them cheaper to maintain

I was comparing costs to a non-AWD like the Corolla hatchback, in case the OP doesn’t really need AWD. If AWD is needed, I’d go with the Crosstrek. We have a Forester, it’s been fine.

I love the Crosstrek. Super vehicle. Amazing off pavement and in snow. Possibly the safest car its size. Get the Eyesight package…

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My nephew has had one for about a year or two and likes it. Mainly a city kid but they did take it to the hills and the only comment was that it struggled a little bit. It does have that CVT transmission for good or bad but think I’d get a color other than the orange.

Subaru CVT is notorious. They break and minimum $6K to replace. Can’t rebuild their broken transmission. A big bummer for me as well to consider a Forester for my commute.

I know a few people that have the Crosstrek and they are very happy with it. I have a 2005 Impreza for our dog car, I had a outback 2016 and traded it for a 2018 outback I got the 6 cylinder. We actually like the cvt and find it smooth and great fuel mileage. No problems here with any of our Subaru’s.