New car

would you buy a Hyundai Tucson or a Subaru Forester?

Yes, they are both very nice vehicles.

They are both reliable, fuel-efficient crossovers that have AWD. Which one will be best comes down to your personal preferences. Test drive them both.

ok, I just thought someone might know something I don’t know.

I would have always said before, the Forester. CR rates it higher in most categories. But the reliability has improved enough for Hyundai, to maybe make it a personal choice on your part, after trying out each extensively, considering the cost of each and dealer service reputation. Working in the Forester’s favor is the trade in value which, if you trade often, should be considered.
Consider too, you may need the v6 in the Tucson to increase the performance which decreases economy substantially.
I’d also check satisfaction ratings of previous owners in CR.

They’re both good vehicles, IF you need All Wheel Drive. Compared to regular 2 wheel drive vehicles, they cost more to buy, use more gas and cost more to maintain and repair. If you want ineterior space and versatility look at the new Hyundai Touring, a roomy hatchback which sells for considerably ess than the Tucson.

I think they are both fine. I would probably go for the Hyundai because of the warranty and I know my daughter has had very good reliability from her Hyundai, but I have had good luck with Subarus, too. Price, comfort, features would be my determining factors. Of course, I would not personally want either one because I don’t like SUV/crossover type vehicles in general, but both brands have good track records.

I don’t need AWD. My sister has a Subaru and wanted me to look at them because she loves hers so much. But she lives in Seattle and uses it in the rain, plus in the snow when they go skiing. I don’t have those weather issues. I’ll look up the hatchback, thanks. I also liked the VW GTI

The Subaru will cost about 40% more for maintenance in the first 5 years than a 4WD Hyundai. That, plus the lower purchase price, would lead me to buy the Tuscon. And you can save more by buying the FWD version.

I wanted a stick shift, but the dealer told me they don’t make the Tucson with one, even though the internet says so. Anyone know if there is a Tucson with a stick?

If you want a two wheel drive version of a compact SUV because the room they afford but w/o unneeded awd, both CRV and RAV4 offer less expensive 2wd versions that do very well in slippery conditions with standard traction control, an excellent compromise. If you are buying new, I’d demand traction/stbility control.