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2013 Subaru Crosstrek - reviews?

I was thinking about getting a new Forester - but they’re a little too big for me, and pricey. Does anyone have insight for the Crosstrek? I’ve read that the engine might be a bit underpowered, and they’re only about $2k less than the Forester.

Any remarks about the Maxda CX5?

I need the extra ground clearance, and a car that can handle mud (a regular country road, not off-road!)

I wanted a used '07-'09 Forester but am having trouble finding one with the features I want, reasonable price, without super high mileage.


The CX-5 would be at the top of my list, it’s done very well in all the reviews, and won the last comparison in Car and Driver. The Forester and Crosstrek both have CVT transmissions that don’t do much for mpgs (the CX-5 did just as well) while making them not much fun to drive.

And I own an '07 Forester. One thing the Forester is good at is visibility.

It’s worth the extra money IMHO to get the Forester. The Crostek is under powered though a little more economical. If you can live with less power, try one out and make your own mind up. Yes, the extra clearance is great but I would prefer it in a small SUV designed for it then in a jacked up compact. To me, the extra $2k is well worth it. I would include used RAVs and CRVs in my search as there are plenty of those around.

It’s just a jacked up Impreza. Sure, that gives it a little more ground clearance, but it’s still a car, not a ute. If it were a lot cheaper than a Forester and met my needs, I might consider it, but not if the price is so close. But I’d also buy a CX5 first.

Subarus have many rattles and the new 2.0 engines are having oil consumption problems.

Go test drive all 3. Sometimes when I sit in a car and look around, I start forgetting what the reviews said-be it positive or negative.

Thanks all. I’ll try to find a '13 CX5 to drive. I know it will be more fun than the Forester, but I’d probably end up with an automatic trans, which is a little less fun.

Didn’t know about the Subaru 2.0 engine oil consumption problem. Thanks.

I suppose fun is a state of mind. I wouldn’t expect a lot more fun from a Crosstrek than a Forester. Or even an Impreza. They all share quite a bit mechanically and none of them is sporty.