What would you buy?

A Honda crv 2 wheel drive or a Subaru forester,impreza or outback?

I know, a huge range. Honda offers even on a used car better warrenties than Subaru on a new car. I’ve been offered incentives from Subaru to buy a new car due to issues I’ve had with my last subaru and I’ve owned 3.

The difference with Subaru is all wheel drive, better interest rates. I’ve been looking at used Honda crv and they look like from consumer Report to be a great car.

My problem is, my loyalty to what I know, even though a used Honda over all is a better buy, regardless to if it’s used or not.

The facts. I want to know what you motor heads like? My husband is disabled,an arm injury as a paramdic, another story,and can’t lift his arm to reach column to change gears on Honda’s before 06’. They lowered the column where he can reach it on the 07’s.

He’s no good at hanging up laundry and kayaks in circles.

I need some expert advice.

After your recent experience with Subaru, you must a loyal Subaru fan. If another Subaru stay away from anything with a Turbo.

For my money I’m a Honda fan. CRV’s had held up very well. Is the 4WD CRV too expensive? If you don’t need 4WD the 2WD is less parts, better gas mileage, less repairs in the long run.

Did you read the post about a Subaru owner who had a tire blow out? Rather just buying a replacement tire, he should buy a whole new set of 4 tires. The Subaru AWD system is sensitive to damage if one tire is different than the others. A problem you won’t have with a 2WD CRV.

The Subaru AWD system is superior. If you REALLY need AWD then go Subaru. If you can live with 2WD the Honda is bulletproof and will have much lower cost of ownership over the years with the Honda.

How about the WRX wagon with an automatic. Good combination of power, fuel economy, size, and reliability (the turbo cars don’t blow as many head gaskets.

I completely agree with UncleT. If you want superior traction, the Forester AWD has the edge while the AWD in the CRV is “functional”. The awd crv is much less prone to drive train damage because of it’s simplicity and true 2wd function when not needed.
Our personal family experience with 5 Hondas, one a CRV, has been so positive, I ALWAYS feel safe recommending them. IMO, they make some of the very best 4 cyl gas motors in the world and I don’t believe anyone makes more ICEs than they do. From what I’ve read, they have a higher % of female owners than most other makes because their ergonomics are so good. You will not regret jumping ship to buy one. Honda compared to Subaru just holds up better overall I feel…from mechamics to interior appointments.
Our local post office buys older used ones for mail delivery, not Subarus; that’s about as tough a treatment a non truck will get.

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He’s no good at hanging up laundry and kayaks in circles.
I need some expert advice.

This is a “No-Brainer” for experts. Definitely, get rid of the circular arrangement. Usually only short kayaks can be hung from circular lines, anyhow. Straight runs can handle nearly any size.

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I can’t help with the Japanese car thing. My closest dealer for those is a 5 hour round-trip (and that’s by car, not kayak). I’m not even sure what they are, sorry. I am, however, undoubtedly second to none when we’re talking clothes lines.


"He’s no good at hanging up laundry and kayaks in circles. "

An implied compound sentence where she left out the “comma” after the word laundry. Give the lady a break.

Shall we discuss all your, my and others poor grammar ?

I own a Honda and a Subaru. I think a 2WD CR-V would be less expensive to own and maintain than an AWD Subaru.

To me the question is; do you want or need AWD? If yes, then the Subaru is the way to go. It has a much better AWD system than the CR-V. If you can live with 2WD, get the Honda.

I’d go with the 2WD CRV. I own a Honda Accord, and I’ve owned Subarus. I prefer 2WD over AWD/4WD for simplicity and fuel economy. Unless you really need AWD why have it? Don’t get me wrong, I like Subarus, but I also like Hondas. I don’t think you can go wrong either way, but you asked what I’d buy given that choice.

This Was An Attempt At Humor. I Guess You Took It Too Seriously.
Obviously, one does not hang kayaks out to dry.

IF you go with the Forester, you’d be better off getting the turbo model. The normal 4cyl engine felt really sluggish to me when I test drove a new one.
Have you considered maybe looking at a Mazda?

With a question like that , you’ll get many answers.

I’ve found that some people take everything literally.

OTOH, he might have also been attempting humor.