Good deal for a 2013 Acura MDX?

I’m planning to buy a 2013 Acura MDX elite package that has a 113,281 km mileage on it for $21,888 canadian dollars, my question is, is this a reasonable prize for this mileage and what kind of problem should I watch for?

Problems ? Same as any used vehicle , who knows . As for price just use the online vehicle value sites such as Kelley Blue Book if you have that . Since prices are also area related what might be high in your area could be just right some where else.

The Canadian Automobile Association has a list of prices for your car. Also any library had a Gold Book that covers used car prices. Offhand I would say that’s too much money for a 6 year old used car.

If you are concerned about problems ( all used vehicles will have them ) then that amount of money will put you in a lot of new vehicles . New vehicles have warranty and almost no miles.

That year’s MDX has a much better than average reliability rating from Consumer Reports. The only system rated below average reliability was in-car electronics.