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There's a lot of money

… sitting in this barn!

The picture or link doesn’t appear. Could you try again?

wow!!! That is impressive. All I ever find in storage is more junk… lol

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Yes indeed there is…a tremendous amount of money!

The link below has some more “attainable” gems, nowhere near the items in the video @VDCdriver posted, but significant nonetheless. At least I thought so… Take a looksie.

It says they’ll probably sell for one million dollars. I’d rather have the one million dollars than the barn-full of old cars. I already have two old cars , don’t need more … :wink:

It’s actually kind of a shame that some of those cars aren’t driven. Cars are meant to be used. No fun just looking at them. At some point though you begin to question what to do with all this stuff and just more money might not be that big a deal.