Looks Like Paint Protection Prices Are Going Up

The local news did a story this evening on a local used car dealer whose plans for a new home are now public and before the planning commission. A 140 acres with a castle home covering 92,000+ square feet, spires 90 feet tall, and its own drawbridge. Any moat is an assumption at this point.

No word yet on whether the parapets will have archers and vats of boiling oil…

Guess there’s more money in used Camrys and Impalas than I thought… :slight_smile:

Don’t forget about the profit margin on selling phony extended warranties!

I had a friend who was a used car salesmen and he told me there was more money in used than new, now he never made enough to build a palatial estate with a drawbridge, but the last dealership experience, I got a new ford ranger for less than the prices for used on their own lot!

There is a LOT more profit in used cars than in new cars. That is why I find the English TV show “Wheeler Dealers” so funny. They buy cars with multiple problems, pour countless hours of an unpaid skilled mechaic’s time into them and sell them at much less profit than a used car dealer would demand for something he just dragged back from the auction.

@oldtimer 11 ;
Agree on Wheeler dealer. Then watch the TX car wars (or similar name), very close to dragging a dead car, washing it and selling for profit.
I still love Wheeler dealer, classy show and you learn some. I have had some of the cars they work on too-so it is nostalgia I guess.

I love Wheeler Dealers. Edd China is a degreed engineer and held the record for building and driving the worlds fastest couch (92mph!) until the Aussies beat this record with one powered by a 1400 cc GSXR engine.

Great show, but no way to make a living. They’re happy with their ‘profit’, ignoring all the time and labor put into each car.

But it’s one of the best for showing how to really repair a real car, instead of just throwing parts at it and make a ‘resto-rod’.

Also a W-D fan, and have wondered how they can continue to ignore Edd’s cost when summing up their expenses. He’s not exactly working in the alley behind his house.
My only other grip is that they will reuse and reinstall many parts which appear in dire need of freshening: rusted bolts, paint flaked pieces, etc. And rarely do they mention the miles on the car.