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Jennifer's Beetle Smash

From the June 21 episode “Jennifer” wanted to drag her old VW out somewhere to charge people a dollar a swing to smash up her old car. Actually this used to be a fairly common charity carnival fund raiser, but usually the car to be smashed was retrieved from a salvage yard in the first place, so we might assume that everything of value had already been salvaged from the hulk.

Anyway, I’m glad you managed to talk her out of this idea. In addition to the problems pointed out on the show, there’s also the issue of cleaning up the site afterwards. The essay contest giveaway idea was interesting, but I have a couple more points to add. First of all, she really should find out what her car is likely to be worth as a trade-in. Even if she’s not interested in trading up herself, she should be able to salve her conscience about selling someone a lemon if she knows the buyer can use it to trade up. If she’s dead-set on not selling it, there are several charities that will take used cars and she can take the tax deduction for a charitable contribution (only of value if she itemizes her deductions, but if she’s throwing away a car I kind of assume she does).

you would have to pay me a DOLLAR ,to waste a good American ASH bat on any euro POS.

they are not cheap.LMAO!