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Possibly the greatest barn-find...ever!


What a beauty!

Amazing find… It should NEVER be restored, only preserved! It is only original once.



all I ever find in barns is spiders…

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Check your shoes when you get home and you’ll see what you overlooked.


You and me both, but I still have fantasies about discovering a '53 Studebaker coupe in a barn, and having the owner charge me no more than she paid for it originally.

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Hopefully ignoring inflation! :wink:

I try to stay out of barns and old buildings since a mouse attacked me. A collector of the 30’s vintage cars told me once that collectors tend to buy the cars that were around as a kid. I guess that’s true. That’s a neat car but cars that old don’t interest me much. About as old as the 40’s maybe for me. A guy I know has an old Model T or A that’s been in the family since new, and was talking about all the problems just finding someone to do those poured in place bearings (what are they called, babbits or something?) Just a lot of stuff that I would have no idea about. Even the early 50’s cars did things like 6 volt and positive ground that could cause some of us problems.

Neat car though.

The only thing more beautiful than the car is the storyline. Odds are down the road that storyline is just going to continue to raise the value.

I also agree with Mustangman; leave it alone.

There was an old man around here who used to have a ‘47 Harley Knucklehead that he bought new, At one time 30 some years ago I had a chance to meet him and inquired about buying it. He wouldn’;t even talk about it.
The years rolled by and he passed on. His son sold the bike (dirty, faded paint, and some oil leaks) for a pretty penny.
A couple of years later the buyer resold the bike for an even prettier penny. This bike should NOT be tampered with.

The latest buyer had it stripped down, cleaned, many parts chromed, new paint, new tires, and then what did he do with it? Took it to southern OK where it ended up hanging from chains in the entrance way of a restaurant.
What an ignominious end…

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