There is no air coming out of my vents

My car is a 2000 saturn ls. There is no air coming out of my vents in my car. I used the ac about two weeks ago and it was fine. A few days ago I tried it and there was nothing. No warm air…no air at all. I tried the heater, again there was no air blowing at all. I thought it was a fuse, but all the fuses are still intact. Whats wrong with my car!!! HELP!!

Likely one of two things.

  1. possible disconnected blend door (changes air flow directions in duct) or,

  2. faulty hvac switch/control levers

The switch is either electrical or vacuum operated. (I’m not certain which)

Does air come out when you are at significant speed, like on the interstate or expressway? Have you tried it in the max or recirculate mode?

  1. Faulty speed resistors)

Jupiter, have you tried switching the fan to high speed?

First things first. You never said if the blower motor is actually working or not, only no air is coming out of the vents. Turn the blower on high and listen if the motor is turning or not.

Your 2000 Saturn LS has a cabin air filter. If you can hear the fan run, then your filter is plugged. IRRC, it’s accessable from under the hood at the top of the firewall. Look for a removable plastic cover. It may even be marked. Blow it out real good with compressed air, or buy a new one.

I have listened to the blower, and I have turned the settings to high and recirculate. There is no noise, and nothing happens when I put it on different settings. I have driven in over 50mph and also tried it. Nothing.

Except, after I posted this question yesterday I went and did a few things, and while driving it started to work. Air conditioner and all, and it is still working today. I hope that might give insight to the problem. I don’t trust that its “fixedd” without me doing anything to it.
But thanks to everyone for the responses.

If it happens again, locate the blower motor and tap on it with a stick or screwdriver while the engine is running and the air conditioning turned on. If air starts to flow, you’ve located the problem. I had this problem with the blower in a Ford Aerostar. Sometimes it would start up after I would go over a bump. I could often get the blower motor to start if I opened and slammed the hood.

If this doesn’t work, you may have an intermittent electrical connection.