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My heater/AC isn't blowing any air

So it’s a 2005 and one day it stopped blowing the heat in. I can still hear the vents opening and moving and I can hear the air, it’s just not blowing into the car. I’ve checked all the fuses I think and still nothing. Also it’s only the front part cause the back heater works just fine

Are you saying that no matter what speed you set the blower control at, no air comes out the vents?


Yes, I get no air no matter at what setting or speed. Only the rear works

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Here’s a simple test you can try.

Turn the ignition on so the dash lights come on.

Set the blower speed to high.

Under the passenger side of the dash, locate the blower motor.

You’ll only see the black part.

Take the handle of a screwdriver and rap on the blower motor.

If the blower motor starts working, the blower motor requires replacement.


are you positive the air isn’t coming out of other vents? like the defroster?

Very sure, only the back vents blow air

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can you turn the rear air off independently of the front air? If so, do that, and then see if you still hear air blowing. If it is blowing, it is going somewhere.

When is the last time the cabin air filter was replaced? It is up under the dash, behind the glove box. If the blower motor is running, this could be blocked.

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