Towncar air flow blocked

I have a 2001 Lincoln Towncar with 122k on it. The heater went out this winter and I took it to a guy that replace the blower motor. The blower was not the problem. He then replaced the main control unit in the dash. That made the blower work on all speeds as I can hear it running. The problem is, there is NO air movement from any of the vents on any settings. When switched to def, vent, heat I can hear it switching but nothing happens and I have a complete lack of airflow:/
I looked for a filter on the firewall that may be blocked and it appears to be missing, or this car doesn’t require one? I have no idea where to start, any suggestions would be great.

The problem might be with the air inlet door actuator.

The vent system closes the air inlet door when the system is turned off or when the vehicle is turned off to prevent air from entering the vent system.

If the air inlet door fails to open to let air into the vent system, you’ll get no air flow from the blower motor.


Here are the drawings for your system.

Maybe there’ a fault with the EATC unit on the dashboard. That’s not uncommon with age. Those units have a vacuum solenoid pack inside them with a number of O-rings and foam seals. Once aged rubber starts distengrating in that tiny pipe organ type system things can get a bit stupid with them.

Your car does not use a cabin air filter.

What went out last winter? The blower? The temp control? The defroster? The heater core?

You can hear the blower running on all speeds but don’t feel air? Was the blower motor replaced and wired backwards so it’s blowing air out of the car?

Is this the automatic temp control? When you change the fan speed, does the fan sound change?

One more thing… you need a new “guy”. This one is throwing parts at the problem without doing any diagnosis. Where I’m from we call that “shotgun maintenance”. That’ll end up costing you a lot more and possibly not fixing the problem at all.

I will correct a possible mistake on my part. I reference the EATC unit as being a possible cause and have noticed that the “main control unit” was replaced which I assume means the EATC.

As asemaster mentions, I wonder about the possibility of the blower motor running backwards.
This era of Ford was prone to burned wire connectors at the blower motor or the blower motor speed control module and replacement connectors are even offered in the aftermarket for this problem.
If the blower connector was burned and the wires crossed then the blower could run full bore and produce no air at all through the vents. It should be easy enough to check.