The Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Booster

Here is the manufacturer of the Efficiency booster from H&S.

I guess if you have an old car where the electrical system is hay wire, and it’s so bad that the computer is not working, it fixes that?

No, it’s a scam, pure and simple. Consumer Reports tested it this month, found it to be WORTHLESS. No real surprise, these gas savings gizmos are always scams.

I was sorry to see H-S putting their name behind a scam.

Just another SCAM

I’m really surprised that H.S. is risking its reputation by selling a bogus product.
Most of its other products are unusual, but function as claimed.

It doesn’t fix or do anything. If you read the “independent test reports” listed in the HS catalog, you’ll find that the “tests” were done in a foreign country, and the “reports” are pseudo-science balderdash written in bad English. Utterly laughable.

Hammacher Schlemmer should be ashamed of themselves. This retailer sets the bar high, claiming they test and select only the best. This device doesn’t even pass the smell test. It’s obviously BO-OOOOH-GUS just reading it about it. But that they would still list it on their website and take orders for it after Consumer Reports ripped it a new one last week shows how dependable HS is.

What are you talking about? It provides “conditioned and clean power.” Can’t you see how clean the power is on the oscilloscope on the right?

Pretty funny “debunk” video from Consumer Reports:

My electrons do need some scrubbing…

“My electrons do need some scrubbing…”

I can see their ruddy glow from over 1000 miles away!

No, it doesn’t fix that. It doesn’t fix anything.

Best case, it’s a totally uneccessary and useless noise filter. Worst case, it does nothing at all. Either way, it’s a scam.

Well, it does do a couple things. It lights up when you plug it in and it lightens your wallet by 50 bucks when you purchase it. It seems completely implausible that any device can have an affect on the engine management system by plugging it into the 12V outlet in the dash.