Fuel Economy Booster

I read an ad recently for a company that sells an add-on for vehicles. The premise is that, using electricity from the alternator, water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen, and the hydrogen is injected into the fuel mixture. This reduces the amount of gasoline used, thus increasing efficiency (50% minimum, they claim). Is this a legitimate claim, worthy of a couple hundred dollar investment?

Totally bogus. It has been around several times. It not only does not work, but like the “perpetual motion machine” and “pulling yourself up by your boot straps”, it can not work.

No. It’s a scam designed to take money from suckers. Don’t believe a word of it.

If this worked, at all, even a tiny little bit, every new car would come with one of these miracle devices installed.

It doesn’t work. Never did, never will.

Save your money.

This isn’t even worth a $1.00 investment.

As has been said, this is a total scam. In fact, just recently, the US Attorney for NJ successfully prosecuted one of the guys selling “hydrogen injection” add-on kits for cars.

If you fall for this obvious scam, please let us know so that I can sell you a bridge that I own, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Wait a minute. That’s MY bridge.

I have ocean front property in Utah

So you want better gas mileage? Well I got just the thing for you. It’s the miraculous gas milage booster that attaches to your gas pedal in just minutes. It’s guarranteed to work.

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