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Does a HHO Converter Module Add on for a Gasoline Engine actually increase gas mileage?


Scam. Bogus. Snake oil. Waste of money and possible damage to your car will result. These systems have been thoroughly debunked. Dont waste your time or energy with it.


I agree. There is nothing that you can pour in, bolt on or wish for that will improve gas mileage.


A lot of these scams – and inqueries from people smart enough to be skeptical – showed up a couple of years ago when gasoline prices rose sharply. If this post is the start of a new wave, I wonder what is driving it.


Scam pure and simple. Run away!


Total SCAM unless you believe you can break the laws of physics. It practice and in theory it will reduce not increase mileage.


Bogus! They actually tested one of these and the vehicle got worse fuel mileage! http://smallbusiness.aol.com/business-auto-center/article/_a/gas-saving-devices-remain-unproven/20081024150309990001?icid=200100397x1212590831x1200774813



Don’t just take our word for it. Popular Mechanics evaluated HHO, found it worthless:


You can do a search on this forum and find a zillion threads about this.
They all say the same thing: it’s a scam.


Hyper High Output converter module?


It’s been so long since we’ve seen this question. It feels good to say that it has never been shown to increase gas mileage.


What about a sail? :stuck_out_tongue:




twas a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:
like how they have HO, High Output, engines


I suppose if I’d noticed it was you I would have realized it was a joke. I know you know what HHO is.

So, what can we come up with for SHO engines?
On second thought, nevermind. This is a family forum.


stupid high output engine?

We’ll blame poor eyesight for you not seeing my name on the post. :stuck_out_tongue: