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Bogus or Not?

While listening to Car Talk I was perusing the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog for laughs. I came across an item called the “Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Booster,” which claims to improve mileage by up to 18% simply by being plugged in to the DC outlet. It claims to stabilize the electrical current flowing to ignition systems computer.

While I consider the H C catalog to be frivolous, I don’t generally think of their claims to be bogus. If this isn’t bogus, why don’t the manufacturers simply include it in their designs?

I have some muffler lube I’ll sell you.

After you buy the Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Booster, please contact me so that I can sell you a bridge that I own, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn.
I really own it.
Have I ever lied to you before?

My e-mail address is

Looking forward to your business…

Great a 50? capacitor selling for ??? Maybe $25.00 Sorry no value.

100% bogus. I challenged HS to supply me any documentation that it worked, they had none, just lame excuses. Very disappointing.

It’s capitalism at work and buyer beware.

For $80…that’s just plain shameful…

Goes great with my O-pipe for dual exhaust

“There is a sucker born every minute…”
“Never give a sucker an even break…”

P.T. Barnum


I’m going to have to share that site. I particularly like the Passenger Noise Reducer.

“There is a sucker born every minute.”

That was actually said by David Hannum in reference to Barnum’s part in the Cardiff Giant hoax.

Obvious hoax,everyone knows these plug into the cars AC outlet.

You can improve on the “Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Booster” by putting magnets on the fuel line to align the gasoline molecules. You might then improve mileage up to 30%. Don’t forget the “fire injector” spark plugs while you are working to improve your mileage.

To extend the life of an engine, a magneseum oil drain plug will neutralize the acids in the motor oil that cause sludge. A porous bronze oil filter will catch the microscopic particles in the oil that cause engine wear. The reason manufacturers don’t include these items as standard equipment is that the engine wouldn’t “break in” for 25,000 miles. The advertisement for the products stated that engines should be broken in before using these products. These two products were advertised back in the 1950’s.

While you are improving your gasoline mileage and extending the life of your engine, be certain to use gasoline with the right mileage ingredient. D-X gasoline with Boron is highly recommended if you can find a D-X station. Also, MacMillan ring-free motor oil will keep the piston rings from sticking.

Oh, yes–don’t forget to use VX-6 to extend the life of your battery.

Phony products for the automobile have been around since before the Model T Ford.