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'The Story Of The New Blue Pickup Truck Emoji'

The Story Of The New Blue Pickup Truck Emoji : NPR Hmmm… doesn’t seem to work here!

You should make it work. Also I can’t select model; I can select make.

🛻 do you mean this? Also, what category are you posting in, and what model isn’t available? Or the menu won’t drop down at all?

Firefox doesn’t render that character for me. I insert emojis here by typing them in, the relevant word bracketed by colons :pickup: isn’t one of them; :truck: (truck) is. Model doesn’t drop down a menu.

Hm. I did it from my cell phone’s keyboard. I wonder if discourse hasn’t updated the emoji set yet.

It is new. I wasn’t picking on you. Are all of them available via text input?