The new Lincoln Continental?

This prototype was just unveiled at the NY Auto Show, and while it is believed that it was developed more for the Chinese market than for the US market, I’m sure that we will see some of these cars on US roads. I think that it is a good-looking vehicle, although the design may change somewhat before it goes on sale.

The headlights and the wheels are super-ugly !!

I’m also not happy with the lack of a front bumper.

Just my opinion.


2 observations

1 . . . pretty good looking car, overall. I’m only talking about the outside

2 . . . very generic looking car. Could slap any badge/nameplate you want on it


  1. Agreed
  2. Agreed

I think that the inspiration for the front of the car was the recent-model Jaguars.

I wonder if it’ll also have Jaguar reliability, to go along with the looks


The wheels and grille gotta go. The wheels remind me of a box of animal crackers printed to look like a circus wagon and the grille is just too much open mouth and no design. I think the chrome rocker panel trim is way too much also. I like the rear end and guess it’ll be OK if they have to do away with the historical box shape. I heard someplace that the rear seats fold flat? What’s up with that? Just don’t think still there is any comparison to the beautiful 1960 Continental that set the standard. All in all I kind of like Fords designs over some of the other cookie cutters but I’m starting to wonder about what is being taught in design schools.

IMHO, the last good looking Lincoln Continental was the 1948 model. The spare tire was mounted above the back bumper. Later model cars were said to have “continental spares” if the tire was so mounted. The V 12 engine gave the 1948 Lincoln Continental Jaguart reliability.

I like Lincolns but that one is cur dog ugly to me. The impression in the first couple of seconds was that it looks like a Chrysler 300; another slab sided pimp wagon.

The wheels have to go (super-ugly). The car reminds me of a Bentley.

The grille certainly screams Chrysler 300


Once in a great while, a really great design comes along for a particular make of car. For me the best looking Lincoln was the 1961 model, now called the Kennedy Lincolns. These models did not have the Continental designation. This proposed model, IMHO, does not hold a candle to the 1948 Lincoln Continental or the 1961 Lincoln.

Speaking of designs . . .

I recall that at the same auto show where the Pontiak Aztek concept car was shown, there were some other really beautiful GM concept cars on display

Butt ugly went into production, but the nice looking cars did not

I remember auto magazine writers were really confused, as to why the Aztek actually went into production. Apparently, it was so butt ugly, that all the writers at the auto show assumed it would never be built

I think there was even an urban legend, that some GM big shot must have loved it and gave it the go ahead, because that was the only explanation that made any sense


Looking at those wheels is downright vertigo producing. And what is it with the trend toward gigunda-wheels on so many vehicles?

First thing I thought when I saw the pics was “Bently.” I still think that. It looks OK, I guess, but those cheese grater wheels have to go. Ugh!!

I like it! It’s time they dumped that cheesy looking pathetic grill and the body profile that looked like a parade balloon of a real car.

It reminds me of a Chrysler 300, but the author of the article thinks it looks like a Bentley. It might look a little like a Bentley from a distance at some angles, but there is no mistaking the differences when you look inside. A quick drive would leave no doubt which is which either. Any same-year Bentley would blow the doors off the Lincoln.

The Aztek wa produced during the bean counter years. The car was designed from the inside out, and they fit a skin on it that matched the inside and outside dimension specs. Happily, those guys don’t run the company anymore.

@jtsanders The Chrysler300 sells well in Britain because it LOOKS like a Bentley and has the distinctive badge as well. What Brit would not miss an opportunity to confuse the average guy there and drive a car that costs 1/5 the price of a Bentley and is more reliable to boot?

I saw quite a few there and they were all black with blacked out windows.

^^ That; I noticed that in London too. Actually cars are so small there that the 300 looks bigger than over in US. And I also noted that most of the owners take the badges off.

It’s almost a Bentley twin: