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The NEW Lincoln Continental

For the past month or so, I have begun to see a LOT of these on the road in my area. In almost every case, I first mistake them for a late-model Jaguar (as a result of a similar grill), but then I realize that it is a new Lincoln, instead of a Jag.

CR has just published their first impressions of the new Continental, and those impressions are…pretty good. Of course, long-term reliability remains to be seen…


I’d rather just buy a loaded Fusion Sport or Taurus SHO for $15k-$25k less. At least GM’s badge engineering isn’t as blatantly obvious as this.

It seems to me that back in the mid to late 1970s there was a Lincoln called the Versailles that was just a dresses up Ford Granada. I hope Ford did a better job with the 2017 Lincoln Continental, if it is to be a luxury car. I am not a.good judge of what constitutes a luxury car–I think of a luxury car as a car that has a passenger side sunvisor and an interior light that comes on when one of the doors is opened. (Any of you old timers remember the 1953 Chevrolet 150 or the 1953 Ford Mainline that didn’t have these features?)

Sorry, but it looks like a Buick to me. It’s a pleasant look, but IMHO a car in that price class should look more luxurious.
At least they got rid of that stupid split grill. That looked like the cars had headon collisions with large winged raptors and the raptors lost.

Cool post. I have been thinking about this car. It was first revealed at the car show season almost exactly a year ago. The auto press loved it, and many raved about the new Continental. I considered doing a follow up on it and I checked the sales numbers. In November, Lincoln sold 1400. Year to date only 3,400, so I am assuming it is still in its initial launch. So is it a success? The Audi A6 sold 1,500 in November and the Lexus ES line about 4,000 units. It also outsold the Tesla Model S in November according to Inside EVs.
Seems to me that this is a winner for Lincoln given it is a large premium sedan, a segment that is in decline overall.

It doesn’t really do much for me. Granted, it’s light years ahead of the previous styling with that stupid split grill mentioned by mountainbike.

The noses on those cars are downright hideous.

At some point I expect Lincoln to fold up much like Mercury, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac.

I think you are correct. We bought our Volvo from a Lincoln - Volvo dealership. I use their service facility because of the way we are treated. But hardly ever see customers under 50 years of age. Lincoln should have a product that appeals to someone looking in the 30000.00 range not way above it.

I also suspect that possibility. I just don’t see how they can survive unless a “champion” comes in that forces serious redirection of their design philosophy.

I tried out a new 2017 Continental. I couldn’t squeeze through the door opening. I am 6’5". And that was without a moonroof. They are making cars with the aerodymic roofline and that cuts down on the entry space.