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Frank Lloyd Wright's Lincoln Continental

The most famous architect of the last century wanted everything to be designed exactly as he liked, so he bought a Lincoln Continental, and then had it extensively restyled, in his vision. When asked why he eliminated the rear window, his response was… Because I never look backwards.

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That landau roofline looks a bit awkward, don’t you think? I like the color, though.

It was common for early luxury cars to be sold without the body well into the late 1930’s. You’d buy the powered chassis and send it to your coach builder for whatever body you wanted; Coupe, Roadster, Phaeton, and in any color and features you wanted. The cost would double the overall purchase price of the chassis but the car could be totally unique when complete.

Famous coach builders included LeBaron, Deitrich, Vignale, Figoni and Falaschi, Pinin Farina, Vanden Plas and many, many more.

Strangely beautiful. The lack of rear window reminds me of one of my favorite movie lines. ‘Gumball Rally’, when Ra’ul Juli’a breaks off and tosses the Ferrari Daytona’s rear view mirror stating something like: “We now drive Italian style. What’s behind us, is not important”.

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Makes sense. Chassis is 1/2 of car. Paying a shop to make body costs additional.

That half moon opera window is odd looking. Still, a lovely car. Wright was certainly at his most successful when the coach builders were in their heyday.

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According to his grandson, that color is “Cherokee Red”, and I also think that it is very nice.
For many years, Wright drove this car from his base in Wisconsin, to his second home in Arizona, before really cold temps set in, and in those days, that was a pretty long road trip. His doctor advised that he abandon Wisconsin in the winter months if he wanted to preserve his health.

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You just described walk-in vans . . . the business model is exactly the same


Yup, the modern “cut-way chassis” or rolling chassis for trucks and RV’s. Maybe a little less stylish?

Certainly less stylish :smiley:

speaking of that Continental . . . I don’t personally like it

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and my eyes do not see beauty :eye::eye:

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That first-generation Continental wasn’t a good looker, IMO:

The bright red color is a little over the top, but it is indeed a stylish looker.