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New car desire

Okay, I have a new car to drool over; the Lexus LC500.

Looks better from some angles than others, from other articles it will be aimed at the S-Class Coupe. I really liked the original SC from the 1990’s

I did too.
This design I believe attempts to incorporate the futuristic “airflow” impressions like the McClaren, while making the vehicle a personal luxury hypercar rather than a track weapon. From everything I’ve seen and read, it’s chock full of tech, and dripping in luxury touches. I don’t care for tech, but a luxo hypercar that looks like a futuristic vision appeals to me. Add Lexus reliability and to me it’s a winner.

I think that grill is ugly.

I hope that didn’t mean you bought it because I don’t like those grills either. Just looks like something is missing and man if you ever hit a coyote with it, major damage. But can it pull a trailer?

Great to drive but too low to own. It’s beyond the help of snow tires and parking blocks are a nightmare.

The nose on it is hideous but I guess you can’t see that from the drivers seat. One would have to avoid pulling up in front of the plate glass at a business where the reflection might cause second thoughts…

It appears to have the same gaping maw that many Lexus vehicles currently have :neutral:

My dream car is the Bentley Continental GT. My part time boss owns one just like this one. I drove it to Tampa for him back in October and was almost too embarrassed to take the money…but I did. I would have to fall down a long way to get into the Lexus since I’m 6’4" (nearly). It’s still a beautiful car though…grill and all.

Take a cold shower ,it will wear off - but , if you have the money and desire ,go for it .
Looks kinda like a Whaleshark ,no worse then the the " Garfield " doggy look ,the Mazdas have ,or the grinning " Smartcars "

“My dream car is the Bentley Continental GT.”

Mine too!
A couple of weeks ago, I was looking at the one on display at The Mall at Short Hills, and while I was going over the window sticker minutely, a pimple-faced kid who couldn’t possibly have been more than 20 years old came over to look at it also.

He asked me what the total sticker price was, and I reported that it was something in the neighborhood of $230,000 (IIRC). His reply was, “When I bought mine, back in 2006, it cost a lot less than that”.
Yeah, I really believe that he bought a Bentley when he was 12 years old!

I agree that the nose is hideous. The rest of the lines are OK.

This is the kind of car to buy used, about 3 years old with low mileage. Such cars are usually not driven much and depreciate more rapidly than regular 4 door sedans.

@“the same mountainbike”, @missileman is inviting you back to the fold. Succumb to the Bentley allure. If you can afford it, the fact that the tail lens costs $1000 is of little consequence. James May owned one before he became fabulously wealthy on Top Gear.

If I could afford the new Lexus, it’d be parked next to my Bentley Continental droptop.
I like the grill. I like the whole Lexus. But, then, that’s the great thing about dreaming; you don’t have to subject yourself to the varying tastes of others and the cost is FREEEEEEeeeeee!!! And you don’t have to subject yourself to the quirks that come with reality. :smiley:

Most ugly car I have ever seen. Sorry.

Here’s what you do - buy used. There are several 2005-ish Continental GTs in my area for around $50k. Still big money, but not unbelievable. Just make sure you buy the extended warranty!

A coyote wouldn’t stand a chance:


I don’t know about the coyotes but watch that video from the Montana Highway Patrol. Icy conditions and multiple accidents. Now just my take but the troopers should have stopped traffic, of course risking more accidents further down the line, but they clearly were not taking control of the situation as cars zoomed by. Now the second truck driver seems to me just had his front wheels locked as he slid into the other cars and semis on the side of the road. Once you lock your steered wheels up, you have no control. Better to have stayed off the brakes and tried to maneuver through the mess on both sides.

LOL No problem, Bill. Tastes vary.

Guys, suggestions about how I can own a Bentley are lost on me. These are only dream cars for me. I never get dreams confused with reality. Good thing, too, 'cause I do like to dream! :smiley:

Just my opinion, but I think the prettiest car on the road is an Aston Martin. A local guy owns one but his is not pretty due to the tri-color banded paint job and his name being painted on both sides in large letters.
He’s a sports car guy (and the top heart surgeon in this area) and he’s involved in some of those cross country time races; ergo, the somewhat distasteful exterior.

A couple of open heart procedures and he can buy a new one I guess… :smile: