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The new electric Mustang Mach-E

… gets a good initial review from CR:


Motorweek liked it too in a first drive. I’m sure they’ll have one added to their fleet when Ford lets them have one. I’m not a fan of the fake noise, though. IMO, we should just embrace the solitude of an all-electric power plant. There are plenty of ICE options if you like noise. Ford should at least allow the driver to decide whether they want the ersatz sounds or not. Maybe they do already, but it isn’t apparent from the Motorweek article.

The vehicle is pretty good objectively. But It’s not a Mustang. I won’t be buying one, even if it is faster than my gas-powered Mustang.


I don’t consider it a Mustang either, but they have the money, and they make the rules. You know that, of course.

I’m not familiar with the fake noise thing. Is it something you hear on the inside or is it sent outside the car as well? I know when electric cars first started being seen on the road there were issues/concerns regarding the lack of noise they make and the possible danger that might pose to pedestrians and bicyclists.

I think there’s a regulation specifically for the protection of the blind.

The fake engine noise is piped into the car through the stereo.

There is no requirement for an electric car to make noise outside the car. Tire noise is more than enough as none of the issues with “too quiet” EVs have caused any fatalities.

Various outlets have driven Mach-E’s by now, one compared it to the Tesla Model Y but built better

I don’t know if there is a federal regulation for this but I work around hybrid vehicles and it is common for a hybrid vehicle to approach someone from behind unnoticed. There isn’t much tire noise at 10 MPH to warn people, when walking though a silent parking lot people generally don’t look around for traffic.

Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles manufactured during the last 4 years emit a tone while moving at slow speeds to alert pedestrians.

Vehicle Proximity Notification System;

When driving with the gasoline engine stopped, a sound, which
changes in accordance with the driving speed, will be played in order to warn people nearby of the vehicle’s approach. The sound will stop when the vehicle speed exceeds approximately 15 mph (25 km/h).

The only noise I hear from many cars these days is tire noise, not the ICE. This is while I’m walking in my neighborhood, not driving my car.

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It’s just my opinion which could be wrong as could be, but I don’t see people who actually love Mustangs flocking to buy a Mach-E. It looks like another drab, boring crossover. One would have thought someone at FOMOCO would have had a brainstorm and come up with another name for it.

If the Ford Authority site is correct the Mach-E may not be around for very long. Six total in Canada and 3 in the U.S. so far with 60k+ of 2020 2 DR Mustangs for the year and approx. 15k of them in the comparable Oct to Dec. months in in the U.S. alone.

We’ll have to see how well it does, from what I’ve been reading on the forums you’re just recently seeing them show up at dealers.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Ford chose the wrong name for a new model.
When they introduced a redesign of the Taurus/Sable twins for the 2005 model year, the new cars were labeled as the Ford 500 and Mercury Montego. The wagon version of that chassis was dubbed the Ford Freestyle.

Those names weren’t well-received by the public, and as of the 2008 model year, the 500 became the Taurus, and the Montego became the Sable. The Freestyle wagon became the Taurus X.

Y’all are going to really like the upcoming electric Corvette SUV.

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Ford dodged a bullet with one name/model change. They considered introducing the Probe as the replacement for the Mustang.