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Ford Electric SUV

Ford announced recently that they will release an electric SUV - with the Mustang model name. It seems to me the infidels breached the gates and took over. What do you think? Where will they stop? A Mustang sedan? Does this cheapen the Mustang history or is it a good idea that you wish happened long ago?

A really terrible idea - wait - maybe there is a better word than terrible .


Mustangs have ALWAYS been great sports cars…

I’ve always thought a new model Mustang shaped like a 1964 1/2 but with a modern engine design, front wheel drive, would sell well to those driving seeking to drive a Mustang-looking vehicle, but willing to compromise performance to gain Corolla reliability. But I wasn’t thinking along the lines of an electric Mustang SUV. That indeed seems a little over the top.

If Porsche can go do a 4 door hybrid SUV, Mustang should be able to :roll_eyes:

They did not call a 911


Horrible idea. Mustangs, Challengers,and Camaros are RWD performance cars. Remember the Probe? Ford initially considered it as a Mustang. There are plenty of front wheel drive cars, no need to ruin the name of Mustang. This electric SUV being called a Mustang is also a horrible idea.


Blasphemy ?

That’s what the local glitterati said to Galileo when he said he’d observed 4 moons orbiting Jupiter :wink:

Mitsubishi started it by calling their new suv an Eclipse

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Cadillac started it when they called the Chevy Citation Clone Cimmaron. Why they used and Edsel model name for the Chevy is another question.

I don’t think Cadillac ever recovered it’s reputation after that.

At least on model name will never be stolen. The 1930s Studebaker Dictator, and yes, it was named for Hitler.

It is interesting how different manufacturers will adopt previously used names.
I think Studebaker used Wagoneer before Jeep
The afore mentioned Citatation
I noted the color of my F150 is the name for the stove bolt Chevy ‘Blue Flame’.

It looks like a pretty credible electric SUV but calling it a Mustang is just wrong. I think Ford should fire its marketing staff and hire a better one. It does dilute the brand.


An electric Mustang should be an electric Mustang.
Looks like a traditional Mustang on the outside, but RWD or AWD electric under the skin.


I saw the ad last night on TV. It was shocking. I think I threw up a little bit.
The ford guys need to break out their torches and pitchforks.
This cannot go unchallenged!
Mount up!


Cadillac makes an SUV, but Cadillac is whole division of GM, not a specific car.

The Mustang is a specific car with a great history (at least most of it’s years).

Mustang seemed to recover from the 80’s when they basically re-badged the Pinto and called it a 4-cylinder Mustang.

I’m delighted to see the vehicle come to market. The more electrics we can get out there the better. But I agree, it’s stupid to call it a Mustang. Perhaps GM can get on board and give us an electric Camaro pickup truck?

Makes me wonder if they’re thinking of cancelling the real Mustang to follow the trend of axing sedans that the American makes are so eagerly jumping on board with.

This will be the final sign of the impending apocalypse…
I hope you sprained a finger typing that!

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Yeah, but it took 20+ years.
Look at GM- the Nova never recovered from that disaster…

From this:
220px-1970_Chevrolet_Nova_Yenko_Coup%C3%A9 220px-Chevy_Nova_SS_Coupe_(Orange_Julep)

To this:

There’s a special place for these people…

Corvette Van.

And now that I have you apoplectic with rage, please enjoy these images: