Test Driving a Car Before Ordering

My mom is thinking about buying a Mustang Mach-E. She’s a fan of the smaller sized SUVs. I’m concerned that the Mach-E will be too low for her. I’d like her to get to test drive one before she puts in an order, but there aren’t any in stock at dealers in our area. Is there anyway to test drive a Mach-E, or other car, that is in an order only state of existence?

Have you used a site like cars.com to search for new and used Mach-Es within, say, 50 miles of you? I see 70 near me. Start checking on those listed, see which ones are actual on site, as opposed to ‘in transit’.

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The Carmax web site shows 38 of these poorly named vehicles . Makes you wonder why that many less than 2 year old vehicles are listed.

@timothy_182464 This is off topic but have you or your mother made sure that your home can handle the recharging and range of this E-Mach.

Thanks for that note. Almost all of her trips are less than 10 miles. She’s about the perfect person for an electric car. Her longest trip is less than 200 miles, which is well within the reported range from Ford and the EPA, as well as Car and Driver’s test drive. She rarely does that trip anymore, so I’m not too worried about even that.

As a former owner of a classic Mustang (1968), I agree it is poorly named. This one actually has room in the backseat for a passenger taller than 3-11 and probably doesn’t spin out when there’s any kind of moisture on the pavement. You do have to admit this is a better name use of the Mustang than the Mustang II.

Thanks! I found two of them in my area (KC metro) that were actually on a dealer’s lot. There’s a bunch of them listed as “in transit or currently on order.” I’m not sure she actually needs a new car. She’s got more money than sense most days.

As mentioned above, do check how much it’ll cost to install a 240V charger for the car, and that her electrical system can handle it.