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Mustang electric SUV?

I saw this vehicle on the ABC News site. It just feels wrong to call an electric SUV a “Mustang.” Then again, I have similar feelings about the Porsche Cayenne. :wink:

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I saw one at the Boston Car show last year. One of the most popular exhibits.

From what I have read, it is a very good EV. But it isn’t a Mustang. Ford needed a strong brand to sell it and Mustang and Bronco are all they really have.


Agreed but it’s closer to a Bronco than a Mustang.

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The new Bronco is retro styled except for offering a four-door.
But I, with I’m sure many other Mustang owners, hated it when Ford announced a year ago they were putting the Mustang name on an electric SUV.
Much like Charger owners were irritated when Chrysler decided to name a four door sedan a Charger.

If I had the $$$$$, I would consider a new Bronco.

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Agree but the Broncos were not announced yet… I think Ford was saving the name.

Explorer E might have been a better choice?


That one annoyed me too.

Excellent idea IMHO. That or Escape E.

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Escape E?

That sure looks like a joke, and a funny one at that! Comics could run with that…


The Porsche Cayenne was at least a new nameplate rather than trading on the 911 or other models.

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I only knew of one other Charger owner at the time and he didn’t care if the name was used on modern sedans, the goal is to sell vehicles. The people that criticized the use of the Charger name plate were not owners of classic muscle cars. Should Chrysler have named the vehicle Coronet?

BTW the Dodge Magnum in the 1970’s was not a wagon, that doesn’t seem to be a disturbance.

I thought it was odd at first, but the Mustang will likely be the only car they manufacture in the US after they discontinue the Fusion. Maybe Mustang will be the new Mercury brand, leaving the name Ford for trucks and SUVs. Kinda like Dodge and RAM.

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As a former Coronet owner, I resemble that remark. Seriously, Coronet probably wouldn’t fly today but they could’ve resurrected the Monaco name.

Interesting possibility. You may be onto something. TBH, I thought the Fusion was already gone.

“A Ford Escapee ya said? … So… Ya bought a Chevy?”

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I see using the Mustang name (a current car which is very different than the EV version) as a much bigger deal than using the Charger name, out of use for decades (on a muscle car that is, used on a little hot hatch later on), on a sedan that can be had with a ‘hemi’, outperforming any old Charger.

“A Ford Escapee?”
“Yeah, it escaped from the GM plant.”
Seriously, I’m sure some bright young thing could come up with a name that was reasonably immune to ridicule. Besides which, the Escape was available as a hybrid so a full on electric version wouldn’t be a stretch.


They did offer an electric Focus for awhile,

Thanks, I’d forgotten about the Focus electric. It does seem like they could’ve come up with something besides “Mustang.” I guess it’s okay as long as they don’t call it the “Pinto.” :wink:

Ford doesn’t learn. In the early 2000’s everything became a Taurus. That did not work out.

IIRC, at one point they had the Taurus and the 500 at the same time, which were basically the same car. We haven’t seen the Torino in a while, maybe it’s time for that name again, except currently all the cars start with “F” (until they quit making cars altogether) and all the SUVs start with “E.”

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Ford won’t quit building cars, just stop building them for the US market. Cars are still the mainstream for much, if not all, of the rest of their markets.