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The mysterious "undefined!" threads

Hi guys - just to make an announcement…we’ve seen a bunch of threads (and the threads you’ve mentioned) coming up with the subject line “undefined!!” when they were definitely titled upon submission. For those who submitted the discussions and left them, the cyberbabes renamed the threads. If this happens, you are able to change the titles to your discussions by opening up the discussion and clicking the “Edit” along the top line of the gray box. When you save the new thread title, it will be changed. I’m sorry for the confusion, and will let you know ASAP when we have more information. Thank you for your patience.

I have noticed a number of threads that were titled “undefined”, and I thought that this was quite curious.
Is this what you are referring to?

Not the ‘undefined’ post problem, but I’m now getting warnings popping up, stating:

Warning: Unknown: Unable to allocate memory for pool. in Unknown on line 0
{“FormSaved”:false,“DeliveryType”:“BOOL”,“Data”:“MQ==”,“InformMessages”:[{“CssClass”:“Dismissable AutoDismiss”,“Message”:""}],“ErrorMessages”:"",“RedirectUrl”:""}

As just happened when I clicked on “Save Comment”. Screen freezes, doesn’t look like it posts, but when I click on ‘Recent Discussions’ it shows that it did post.

Strange. Thanks for this. Does it happen every time you try to post?

Nope, it’s not happening right now. Intermittent…

I have been getting similar warnings popping up in transparent windows superimposed over the message that I am typing. And, just like texases, the situation is intermittent. Very strange!

Can you also tell me your browser, operating system, etc.?

Explorer 9 on Windows 7

Is anybody else having these error messages pop up?

Usually this error appears when the server is under heavy load.

There are several factors…The most common is memory caching. This sight using PHP?? This is a known issue with PHP. If so then turn the default Cache off. I forget offhand how to do this.


I am using IE9 on Windows Vista.
However, I can report that I have not had any of the aforementioned problems today.

Hi - this is the info I’ve received back from support about the undefined!! threads. There were a couple of threads today with undefined!! subjects. The problem, which has since been fixed, was that the bug was located in a javascript file, and that file is now cached in some user’s browsers. That’s why some people get it and others don’t. The way to fix it is to force the affected user’s browser to refresh its cache. You can do this on Windows by holding down the shift button and hitting F5, and you can do it on Mac by holding down command and hitting R.

CDA, I know I’m jumping in here a tad late, but wouldn’t it be simpler for the page coders to use either the no-cache HTML coding or setting a timeout to 0 for that page rather than request every user in the country (and others, I presume) to force a reload? Seems to me 1 person typing and saving everyone else frustration would be much, much simpler than their solution.


Thats what you get when 2 mechanics need to change the air filter on a server

Yes, I can see what you’re saying. I’ll make sure they’re aware of your feedback, but in the interim, I suppose we just follow the instructions. For now, it seems the problem has resolved, but if it resurfaces, please let me know.