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The Mysterious Key-Keeping Civic

My ears perked up this week listening to Brittany’s issue with her 06 Honda Civic that refused to return the key. I had almost exactly the same problem with my old 1990 Civic, but with a slight variation. My car would turn off and release the key in warm weather, but starting in the early fall I would turn the engine off and find that the key wouldn’t come out. The colder it got, the longer it took to get the key out to the point where in the dead of winter I’d be sitting in the car for up to 3 minutes waiting for the key to finally release. I did what the guys suggested a few times and just left the key in the car while I went to work. My question for the cart-talk listening public is has anyone else who drives a Civic of ANY age had this problem? What the heck is the cause and more importantly how can it be fixed?