Honda Ignition Switch


I have a 95 Honda Accord EX, v6. In cold weather I cannot get the key to the off position to remove it. It goes in and starts the car, but will not turn back to “off” until the car is warm inside. Anybody have any ideas, other than replacing the ignition switch, which I beleive is hundreds of dollars?


I drive a 1996 Neon. In the winter, sometimes my car doesn’t shift fully into park, so the key won’t release. I have to jiggle the shifter until it fully clicks into park. I haven’t had the problem happen in warm weather…it’s usually been when it’s very cold (like below 10F).

This may not be your problem, but I thought it was worth a mention since mine also occurs when it’s cold.


It’s not the ignition switch. It’s the steering wheel lock.


Try moving the shift lever and the steering wheel a few times and see if that works.


I would suggest you go and get a genuine Honda key from the dealer and throw that old key away.
There is a little plunger at the end of the cylinder lock, the key has to push it in to return to the off position.