Can't get the key out of the '90 Honda Civic

My son just bought a 1990 Honda Civic to use at college. Most often than not he cannot get the key out of the ignition. I have tried as well and can’t get it out without A LOT of fussing with the steering wheel - moving it in all different directions. There is no “button” on the steering column to push. Any suggestions?

If your son has an automatic transmission like I do in my Neon, he may have to jiggle the shifter. Occasionally when I put my car in Park, the shifter won’t quite click in place and the key will remain locked in the ignition. If I push on it a bit, it’ll click in and the key will release.

I’m not sure about manual transmissions, but the solution may be the same.

The switch is in the shift lever (A/T), or clutch linkage (M/T), which sends power to release the key. The shift lever switch can be defective, or the key release. It could be that the voltage is too low from a battery that is not up to full charge. Connect a jumper battery to the Civic’s battery. Try to remove the key. If it removes easily, clean (abrasively) the battery cable terminals and battery posts. See if the battery will build up to, at least 12 1/2 volts. If not, the battery has probably seen better days. If not the battery, the selector switch and key release circuit need checking with a voltmeter.