Key gets stuck in Ignition when cold. Help!

In our 1994 honda accord, whenever its cold outside, when you turn the car off, the key wont’ come out. You have to turn it back and forth, push it in, etc… before it finally comes out. There isn’t any combination or time that works better then any other. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

is this an original key?
does this happen with any key, or primarily one key?
if it is a copy, have another one made FROM AN ORIGINAL and see if that helps
if you have an original put away, try that.

Cappy has some good questions.

I will add does it do it more in cold DAMP weather? Have you tried jiggling the steering wheel?

Also try jiggling the tranny shifter. Maybe it is not releasing properly in cold weather.

Thanks for responding:

The key is original, and it happens in any cold weather. It also happens to our other original key.

The only thing that really helps is turning the key back on between the positions, and trying to put it in park hard.

It seems that the tranny shifter is not releasing the key, or you might need a new ignition switch. So playing around with the shifter would release the key?