1994 Honda Civic Del Sol



I purchased a 1994 Honda Civic Del Sol About two weeks after we got the car the key did not want to come out of the ignition, you can turn it 2/3 of the way but to pull it out it was hit and miss. So we had a mechanic put in a new Honda ignition switch well he said it was working fine unitl he took it to the Pizza shop for a test drive then it wouldn't come out. When we picked it up he said it would come out 90% of the time so we took it home, well needless to say 100% of the time it doesn't want to come out. The car has an after market security system where you push a red button on the steering column. He said that might have something to do with the key not coming out. He said there was cellinoids(not sure of the spelling) in the steering column also. I have tried everything. Sometimes if you move the car forward and backward it comes out but that's no guarantee.