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Saturday 5/21 show

I don’t know if the 5/21 show was a repeat, but a young guy from Oklahoma (I think?) mentioned he drives to Joplin, MO each weekend to see his girlfriend, who’s a junior in college there. Any word from him on whether they’re OK after the tornado? Tx.

Many of “The Shows” are recorded weeks in advance. If you look over on the right, under the red “ask a question” box, Topics, the third one down, “The Show”…THAT’s where you post stuff like this…

Thank you, Caddyman.

That’s a fault that was carried over from the old version of the website. The dropdown should default to a blank then the user should be forced to choose a forum. This is easy to do and would take about five minutes to fix. On the old site it defaulted to Repair and Maintenance.

Weezy, why do you care?

Rusted clutch? Maybe a safer solution than running into a stationary object. Why not try using a tow vehicle to bump start the Bronco, then while in gear, push on the clutch and slam on the brakes with the engine still running. Might be enough force AND certainly less risky than running into something.

Even better, using a high quality, dynamic snatch strap, use a second truck to “snatch” hard on the bronco while it is in gear with the brakes off.

So many better ways to do this than running into something, however gently.