Cross-country move and trailers

You ding-dongs! You missed the absolutely obvious answer to Wendy’s dilemma of moving from California to North Carolina with her husband and all their goods. Rent a U-Haul and tow the darned car. $400.00 to attach a hitch and then the cost/inconvenience of renting a trailer plus the wear and tear on that poor little car? Even if the manufacturer says it can tow a trailer, it will never be the same afterwards. I am not an employee or shareholder of U-Haul, but c’mon, guys! This is exactly the situation U-Haul was started for!

Unfortunately that was an old show and the ding-dongs are semi-retired.

The ding dongs keep missing the part in the show that tells you that this show is taped and not to call in.


Doesn’t the show open and close with the statement that it is an archived presentation so don’t call or some such thing? Should they define “archived?”