Phrustrated in Philly (Truck broke down)

Long story short, my 2000 4x4 dodge ram 1500 needs it’s rear differential replaced. Had it towed off the turnpike to a place in west chester, (outside philly and i’m from pittsburgh) that originally told me $800 for the part, 500 for labor, and it’d take a few days. That was monday.

Today they called me, said the place they ordered from gave them the wrong part, and the right part is going to cost $1200.

I had called my mechanic initially, and they said 800 sounds right. I also called a friend out here to see if he knew of a better place to go. I’m so screwed.


Get a friend with another pickup and rent a car dolly from U-Haul in Philly . . . and drag this truck back to Pittsburg. The mechanic you trust will fix it for you and any follow-up you have won’t require you to drive it back to West Chester to the mechanic you don’t now/trust. Imagine what it would be like to get it fixed in West Chester, pay more than you feel is reasonable, and then have the repair require follow-up or maybe the new part fails, so you’ll have to go back to West Chester to address this . . . dolly it back home. Rocketman

Phorget Philly Pholly Phoolishness, Phorever!

Phoray to the phrightful Philly phoul-up phast with your phlatbed, phrolic back, phratranize phorthright, phriendly pholks, phix it and phollow-up in Pittsburg, not phlaming Philly, by phollowing Rocketman’s phantastic phormula phor phull-blown phretphree phortuity!

Phreak’n, phar-out! A phigurative phour-bagger!

No matter how you spell it, I agree…tow it home and deal with it on your own terms, even if it’s the same money, you can’t buy peace of mind any cheaper.