The future?

looks cool but not sure about not having a steering wheel. you would need practice before driving on the roads.

Impractical design study. Show car.


In as much as cows are vegetarians, the leather is therefore vegan?
Show/concept cars are rarely practical but some ideas make it to production. I see nothing here that is of any use except the four wheel steering, but GM offered that on trucks years ago, few consumers went for the >$4000 option.

There’s a, in my opinion stupid, trend to assign animal product names to their non-animal alternatives. So a substance that looks and feels like leather but which is made from plastic or plant derivatives becomes “vegan leather.” The trend is spreading. There’s a “vegan butcher shop” in my metro area now.


sorry I did not see the curse in the title. I did not mean to offend anyone.
thought the car was interesting.

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To put it another way I am old enough to remember when cars all had mostly different looks and it was easy tot ell them apart now a days other than color they mostly look the same to me with a car like the one in the video you better obey all the traffic laws Or you will be very easily caught with it standing out the way it does. :roll_eyes:

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In other words it would stand out like Jed Clampet at a black tie :affair. :upside_down_face:

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Four wheel steering has returned as a feature on certain German luxury brands such as Mercedes. GM has brought the idea back with the GMC Hummer electric truck.

OK, full transparency: to those who flagged the post, I technically “disagreed” with it only because if I agreed, the whole discussion would be left hidden.

The f-word in the original link wasn’t optimal, so I found a video about the same car from the same account and subbed it in.

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Prototype vehicles are produced all the time. And a large majority of them never get produced. They are concept cars to take designs to the limit. Many times you might see features from these cars show up.

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