How many of you recall

… Ford’s Wrist Twist Steering, which was displayed on a 1965 Mercury “concept” car?
There were convenient little holes for one’s thumb’s, which–some critics correctly pointed-out–would likely lead to broken thumbs in the event of a collision.

Concept cars are opportunities for designers to go a bit wild…test the market…impress other designers…

Engineers just roll their eyes at some of these concepts… And this is one of those eye-roll concepts. :laughing:


My folks tried out a 65 park lane. Standard steering wheel and beautiful car. Bought a Plymouth instead.

Broken thumbs. The sheriff cautioned against having your thumb wrapped around the steering wheel of modern cars. Says he has seen lots of broken thumbs when the air bags go off. Cars are dangerous.

Interesting Idea with the aim of improving visibility but I can see the potential problems, Ford put out a film demonstrating how it works.

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Fun photo. Don’t recall the weird steering wheel. But I definitely remember the cars so flat they look like boats era. I associate them more with the Ford LTD for some reason. It’s a nice looking design appearance-wise, but seems pretty unsafe.

And in related news, Tesla/Musk has backtracked and is now allowing folks to get their S and X with a normal round steering wheel instead of the nuts ‘yoke’:

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If i recall correctly, that car was designed by Buzz Grisinger and David Ash.