All vinyl interior?

Hi there,

Is there any cars out there that offer something simliar to the exterra except I want the seats to be vinyl too. I dont care if they are leather I just want a car with no cloth in it at all! And no carpets!

Any thoughts would be great.



Not a clue. The last cars I saw with no carpet were in the 60’s. Even the trucks now have carpet.

Leather is common, but vinyl, surprisingly, is only available on some BMWs and Mercedes vehicles as far as I know. And next to nothing is available with rubber floor mats, except maybe a Jeep Wrangler.

Note - even though the Honda Element could be had with rubber mats, don’t ‘hose it out’, there are electronics under the mats.

Why don’t you want carpets? You don’t like the looks, or you want to be able to spray out the inside of the vehicle with a hose? If it’s the first, the Toyta FJ Cruiser has plastic and rubber floor coverings in both the passenger and cargo areas. Then, just have the seats re-covered in vinyl or leather.

If it’s the second, don’t. No passenger car is designed to be flooded on the inside.

I believe trucks can still be spec’d out with viny flooring and vinyl seats

But this would be a strippo vehicle primarily intended for fleet use . . . no power windows or locks, very basic sound system, etc.

I will say something about vinyl seats . . .

You’re saving money in the wrong places. We have hundreds of GM and Ford trucks in our fleet, most with vinyls seats and flooring. The seat upholstery in ALL of them only lasts a few years before it splits. As far as I know, Mercedes-Benz was the only manufacturer that ever offered high quality vinyl that lasted a long time.

That, or get a set of these, they work great in my car:

Back in 2008, I think, I asked the rental company for the cheapest car they had, and they gave me a Kia Rio that was really stripped down. Hand crank windows. AM/FM radio with no CD, and yes, vinyl floor mats, no carpet. My car was in the body shop being repaired after being rear-ended by a hit-and-run driver, and I was looking for the cheapest thing I could rent because I had to eat a $1000.00 deductible, and I needed something to get to work.

I suppose you could have an upholstry shop take the carpets out of a car and replace them with vinyl.

I’m guessing you have allergy issues?

Does OP have animals? Last week at a party I met a women shopping for an SUV. She HAD TO HAVE leather or vinyl upholstery since she had a large dog. I pointed out that a dog can quickly mess up leather with its claws. She would be better off with tough vinyl than with leather.

I love my dog, but there is no way that he is going to get near my leather upholstery.
He has a very nice and secure compartment at the rear of my Outback, separated from the seats by a “dog guard”, and he is quite happy back there in his own domain. Having dogs in the passenger compartment can actually be a danger to the dogs, the people, and the upholstery.

@VDCdriver " having dogs in the passenger compartment can be a danger…"
In addition, the resale and trade in value can take a hit if Fido isn’t cooperative. Unless you stay on top of it, you can eliminate a lot of potential buyers selling a used car with a doggy smell. For some people, it’s as big a turn off as a smoker’s cars. We loved our dogs growing up too. But like you, they never came into the passenger compartment.