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Golf, Anyone?

GM showed a concept electric car (EN-V 2.0) at the Beijing car show that looks like a fancy golf car to me. I understand that it is a city car, but I don’t find it appealing. What do you think?

Concept cars rarely have much actual resemblance to production cars. No, I don’t like its looks either, but I think that the point of displaying the concept car at the Beijing Auto Show is to gauge Chinese reactions to it, rather than my reaction or your reaction.

Most likely, something that only vaguely resembles this little fishbowl on wheels might get to the production stage.

Concept cars are for research typically. What goes into a production car is normally an idea or a very small attribute of the CC

I would drive a car like that. It looks kind of like an enclosed moped.

I was going to make a small truck my next vehicle for the light-duty towing capacity, but my girlfriend just bought a Hyundai Santa Fe, and we’ve been talking about getting married. That means I can think about small fuel efficient cars since I really only need one for rainy days when I forgo the motorcycle. I’ve actually been thinking about a Smart ForTwo or a really small econobox.

I guess since I am comfortable riding a motorcycle on the interstate, it takes more than this thing to scare me.

I think it’s downright weird looking. However, with the way the world is headed (see attached link) and Europe being a major market for GM, I think we’re going to see lots of weird designs come out.

GM’s just keeping up with all the oddball concepts produced recently by every other maker.

This doesn’t even qualify as a ‘concept’, more a ‘concept of a concept’…

Just wait until GM’s bean counters get a hold of the car, it’ll come out looking like the Aveo or something

The GM rep did say they are looking at ways to turn the EN-V into a production car. I imagine it would not have the fender skirts, but could be similar otherwise. Aerodynamics aren’t too important if you drive it in the city. Still, it’s odd; very odd.

It also says that it’s ten years from production which IMO, is a life time in car technology and renders this whole article as meaningless. I don’t buy it as a serious exercise.

Yes, a lot can happen in 10 years. Maybe the Chinese will be too rich to consider this golf cart as serious transportation. Maybe Mongolia…