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The Dreaded Moderation Queue

A place to post your posts that have been “removed to the moderation queue.”

"Bad form to use the phrase “spot on” in reference to oneself, old man.

My money is on NOT a turbo. It would have been a selling point when the OP bought the car, and the dealer would have noticed it; kind of hard not to, eh what?"

I can only guess that the moderator/ess didn’t realize that like “spot on” “old man” is a Britishism.

Up City!

If more people really understood what you are saying, they might respond. I don’t get your post or reply. spot on old man Britishism.

See that little red flag down in the right-hand corner? If enough people click it your post is deleted. It’s all automatic, no humans involved…That’s the “Moderation Queue”. Once your post is gone, it’s not coming back…

But threads DO get eliminated by humans as well.

I mean, there was a thread in “distracted driving,” about a woman who wrecked while shaving a rather intimate part of her anatomy. “I” figured the juxtoposition of driving safety and shaving hygeine called for an impromptu “Burma-shave” poem…that got nixed immediately.

Since the only “adult” word was omitted (implyed by a rhyme), I don’t think a computer would catch it. I also think It’d take time for enough “flags” to accumulate. It’d be like typing “Beans, beans, good for the heart/” and having your post removed due to violation of an “anti-flatulance” rule–computers ain’t that smart yet.

So, yes, there seems to be some human input.