Moderation queue

What is the moderation queue and why has my post been moved there?-Kevin

Moderation queue is typically a post review by the board moderator. I have not run into a moderation queue, but my experience is it is related to a list of prohibited words, as set up by the site admin.

I have no idead where the place you seek is but I can relate to having a post removed. At first it really pi**** you off but then it quickly fades.

It often means someone “flagged” your post as inappropriate. When the moderator reads it and agrees, they “move” it and notify you.

You had a post deleted? what’s up with that? an clue as to why?

I have been really light on the flag key, I think 2 in the last year, how often does anyone flag posts, and why?

I can’t answer waterboy’s question, but the fact remains that some posts are flagged by some of our members, and are subsequently moved to the “moderation queue”. “Moved to the Moderation Queue” is a euphemism for a post being sent to cyber heaven.

I am baffled by whatever moderation queue is…I reviewed several of my lasts posts and there are no prohibited words…is it because all the posters seem to be in the top 250 category?

I think that it only takes one person flagging your post to have it moved to the moderation queue. I am in the “top 20” category, and a few of my posts have been removed (moved to the Moderation Queue), despite the absence of any prohibited words or extremely controversial responses.

A spammer’s posts were removed. Any responses to his posts were deleted also.
kmccune had gone on his website and indicated that it had nothing to do with the question asked by the OP.

Sorry didnt mean to offend-sometimes ideas seem to do the trick also-Kevin

I believe I can explain some of this. In my topic about problems with the latest tune I tried on my Mustang. I posted a message about how I (think) the problem was solved. Most regulars seem to like it when the OP of a topic reports on the resolution, so I decided to do so. Kmccune posted a response that was basically a word for word quote of another poster’s response. Additionally there were some links at the end of the post that were totally irrelevant to the topic. I responded to that post with a reply that spamming is frowned upon here. However I did not flag the post.

It could have been an accident.

A OP asked Joseph to respond privately to his problem (listed his e-mail address). I asked Joseph how it felt to be asked for this type of personal service, my question was removed. Like I said at first it makes you mad but staying mad didn’t get me anywhere.

Kmccune didnt make no post about no Mustang( @ least this Kmccune anyway)-Kevin

I think I know what happened-theres something in my computer ,that out of nowhere clicks and does something-That probaly explains where my missing replies went(because I have lost some of them after I clicked submit-this has happened on other forums too)-Kevin

I just flag the ones that I disagree with. :slight_smile:

Wonderful. You are saying you flag postings as abusive simply because you disagree with them? I hope this was a clever joke.

I just checked my email and had a couple posts removed, I wish they would state they post and why!

Me too!