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Having just read the article in the Globe and in re: this devise, I’d like some real world opinion. I drive a 2002 2.7T Audi A6 and $400 to install this device on the dual exhaust is pricey but not prohibitive IF it works and doesn’t muck up my motor/catalitic converter. I’d like to be a more responsible eco-friendly drive by reducing emmissions and increasing gas mileage, but since I drive only about 4,000 miles a year, which works out to be one tank of gas a month, the risk factor (no warranty agaisnt engine/other defects caused and limited liability to purchase price doesn’t seem worth it. Any comments would be MOST appreciated.


To what device are you referring?


Oh, it doesn’t really matter. There are no add-on devices that reduce emissions and increase fuel mileage.

None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.


What about “The Block”?

It bolts on to the bottom side of your accelerator pedal to limit the travel to about 1/4 of normal.

Only 6 EASY payments of $19.99 (plus shipping, handling and any other charges we may want to include).

It also slices, dices, chops and grates. Act before midnight tonight and receive a special gift…

[b]Snake oil[/b].  

After checking one what was available on line it appears to be, at best, a system to cause your car to run lean.  That will reduce some emissions and and increase others to the point it will not pass emissions test, it is also likely to cause long term damage to the engine.  

It might increase mileage, but then again it may reduce it. 

Just remember that if it were as easy as the claim and it really worked, then the auto companies would buy it and the guy would make far more money selling it to them than to you and me one at a time.


Turbo–I guarantee that you would find a lot of people who would eagerly buy “the block”. As P.T. Barnum said…


Why are people so gullible to believe such cr*p. If it did 1/10th of what it claims at twice the manufacturing cost, every single car manufacturer would be using this device on every single vehicle they sold.


I like your sense of humor! I’m not sure that the OP will get it.


I have a much better deal than TT. For $9.99 I will send you the secret, oil-company-suppressed, list of add-on fuel savers that you can install to actually PRODUCE fuel while you drive. That is right, less than half of the price of THE BLOCK.

But wait, there’s more…


I hate to be negative more than fifty times a day but $400 will buy you a lot of gasoline. If those things were any good, somebody would steal them anyway and you would be worse off. Maybe.


Nothing more to add, but in doing some searching on Google, it seems that a user named josephmx has been spamming multiple forums (including this one) on how this device has improved his mileage. With endorsements like that, you gotta know it’s a scam.


Check this out from April on the old boards.


There is actually a device that will improve gas mileage and reduce emissions, and it’s really inexpensive too. It’s called the “egg”. Buy one at the grocery store and put it on the passenger’s seat. Drive such that it stays on the seat. I guareantee your mileage will improve.


I heard of a similar product, only you place it under the gas pedal.


IMHO your very responsible only driving 4000 miles per year. Spend the money on keeping proper maintenance up and time keeping air pressure proper.

Your very low emmisions to this world compared to most Americans.