Gas saving devices?

In looking for engine accessories for my Scion xA, I came across these two vendors claiming their products dramatically increase engine power while reducing gasoline usage. I’ve read Popular Mechanic’s 2007 article debunking all such devices, but these are more traditional devices (e.g., one of them is a turbo supercharger). Would you guys mind taking a look at them and rendering your opinion here? I’d really appreciate it:

Also, I’m more interested in enhancing the power of my little car.


Here’s the only gas saving device that I have come across that even remotely lives up to its claims.

All BS. The electric ‘turbo supercharger’ is a fancy hair dryer, the other chip is a scam. Save your $$, or maybe, others should save theirs from you??? Favorite scammer technique, this…

You have to be kidding me! There’s no way this thing can work! Save your money on purchasing gas and maintaining your vehicle.


One more question. I think I was originally looking into a custom air intake to increase engine power, not these other two things. What effect would such a device have on my engine? One of them can be seen at . Are these things a waste of time and money or are they a good idea for small engines?

The chip is a scam? Is it a scam that it basically does nothing or that it tries to do something that is mostly ineffective? I don’t get how these people can stay in business when they’re selling crap products. Are they banking that people will take the trouble to purchase and install their product and then when they don’t work not feel like taking the trouble to extract the crap from their engines and return them for a refund? Sorry I just don’t understand that line of thinking.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! A super turbo charger for $35?!?!? A performance chip for $23?!?! Scams! Bogus! BS! Garbage! And if Toyota sees either or both, kiss your warranty goodbye! Don’t feed these chumps. Their claims are the worst BS I’ve seen since water4gas.

The best cold air intakes will increase full-throttle HP slightly (while doing nothing for mileage), but I don’t get a good feeling about this $50 wonder - looks cheap, could just as easily decrease performance. You’ll do better lurking around the Scion boards, get a feel for what works from lots of folks opinions.

Haha - cute. I used to service and repair copier machines and one of the techs used to always joke with customers (pointing to the power button) “Did you press this button?” and the customer would always say “yes.” He’d then deliver the anticipated punch-line, “well there’s your problem.” It was usually worth at least a few chuckles :).

Thanks for the info Texases - I’ll take that advice.

It is a scam that can damage your car! I’ll bet it is a resistor that changes the way the ECM sees the coolant temp readings, making the ECM think the engine is cooler than it really is. The ECM will enrich the fuel mix. Say ‘Bye-Bye’ to your gas mileage. You may get more power, but worse fuel mileage.

$50 appears to be the most expensive one on Ebay. I’ll go to the boards and see what’s up with all this.

Also, it takes nothing to post an ebay item. Ebay gets a cut for the sale. These clowns can post things like this for sale, knowing some sucker will buy it. If Ebay cuts them off over unresolved disputes, they change their login, and return with a new name. Ebay, buyer beware.

You’re not one of the suckers that are born every minute. Oh, there are enough out there to keep the turbo types in business forever. The older devices are really a lot of salesmanship and little else. Air intakes are a bit iffy but some people like them even after they pay for them. Buy that for fun and maybe you will be lucky and get something for almost nothing. It can’t hurt you too much anyway.

Thanks for you responses, folks. I might get a custom air intake a bit later. If I do, I’ll let you know what results I find.

Yeah, they don’t hurt, make fun noise, so little harm. The real ones are more $$: K&N about $250, TRD about $450, so that’s why I worry about the $50 ones.

If you’re looking for engine items for your Scion, go to your Scion dealership. There’s a plethora of items that TRD makes that can be installed on your Scion before you even drive it off the lot. Will it be expensive? Most likely. Will it void your warranty? Very doubtful.