Blade your ride



I was wondering if anyone had any experience with installing a Blade ( http://www… the end of a Honda Odyssey tailpipe…I have read that the blade can increase gas mileage up to 30% (thru a process that the manufacturer cannot explain) and I thought that this sounded great and that every car should have one. Any comments or suggestions would be welcome…


A 30% increase in fuel mileage is to be acheived by attaching a device to the end of your tailpipe? Let’s see, if that were even remotely true don’t you think the engineers at Honda would already have figured it out and attached such a device as standard equipment?

Don’t be so gullible!

There is NO add-on device or liquid additive that can increase fuel mileage 30%, or even 10%. None, Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada. This device is just another scam. They can’t explain how it works because it doesn’t.


We have discussed the Blade before sometime in the past year, maybe on the old forum. You can try a search. In any case, the expert opinion was that this gadget is utterly useless and won’t do anything but lighten your wallet. Still, it sounds great and the manufacturer would like every car to have one.


If it worked as well as the manufacturer says it does, then every car WOULD have one. Since every car doesn’t, and since the manufacturer can’t explain how it works, and since mounting it on the tailpipe would make no difference anyway, it’s a load of horsecrap. If you want to spend a few bucks and get nothing in return, send your money to me. At least some good will come out of it (extra food on the table for me!)


Garbage…And I know this Sheik who has MILLIONS tied up legal problems who just needs 10,000 dollars and to free up his money. And when he does he’ll give you 2 million for your troubles.


Stick a banana in the tailpipe and you’ll reduce emissions too. It’ll plug up the pipe!

Look, byproducts of automotve engines are carbon dioxide, H2O (water, in vapor form), carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen (NOx), a a few unbrrned hydrocarbons (HC). If it’s running too rich that will include carbon (black smoke, carbon molecules bonded to one another). The only way to reduce one of them is to perform chemstry tricks to rearrange the molecules, like catalytic converters do. Or to reduce the total output. Like a banana would.

As far as better gas mileage, gasoline contains a finite amount of energy and a vehicle takes a specific amount to get moving at a given velocity under given conditions. The only ways to improve mileage are to reduce the amount of energy needed (like streamlining or low rolling resistance tires), to burn the gasoline more completely (and the extrememly low CO and HC levels in todays exhaust prove that the gasoline is already pretty thoroughly combusted), and to better convert that energy into locomotion…which can only be done in the engine and drivetrain (final drive ratios etc.). Nothing you can bolt onto the tailpipe can affect any of these things.

But, if you get hungry you can at least EAT the banana!


Is it still possible to suggest a FAQ category be added for gimmicks like this? Another for oil & oil filter threads that keep coming back?


If you add that blade thingy, a couple magnets on your fuel line, the turbonater air intake thingy, and a can of any brand of fuel saving fuel tank additive, you’ll actually MAKE gasoline. just be sure to have some empty barrels laying around to store it all.