Too good to be true?

I recently heard about a product (“blade your ride”–a filter attachment to exhaust pipes) that purports to filter particulate emissions (plausible) while at the same time increasing gas mileage (doesn’t seem plausible). I don’t know enough about engines to understand the explanation on their website to know whether this is even plausible or just simply in the category of…if it sounds too good to be true, that’s because its too good to be true. Is what they claim even plausible? Has anyone tried this or is able to substantiate this (part of me really wants it to be the real deal, but I’m awfully skeptical).

Anything that you put on the exhaust of an engine will not increase gas milage. That is after the fact. It too much is put on, backpressure increases causing power problems and it too much is taken off, a lot of noise.

This reaches a new peak of BS, a max of scamosity, an apogee of nonsense! There’s not one shread of real information on the web site. Sure, let’s plug up the exhaust with a filter (note, gasoline engines put out very little particulates, it’s diesels that have that problem) and it’ll make everything better! Those stupid car designers - why didn’t they think of this…unbelievable.

Send me the money instead and I’ll send you a device that really WILL reduce emissions AND will increase cas mileage. It’ll be a tire gage. Send me enough money and I’ll add a new set of plugs.

Restricting the exhaust will reduce emissions. A banana will accomplish that too and it’s cheaper!

Sorry, but this Blade device is just another scam.

Yes, it’s too good to be true. This is yet another scam designed to take the money of people who are desperate for a “miracle” to increase the fuel mileage of their vehicles.