That was quick

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I went to an open house at an exotic car dealer in Naples, FL. On my way there I saw a wreck on the other side of the highway… some fancy yellow car. While I was at the dealer, the very same car came in on a wrecker. It was a wrecked Ferrari sold 2 hours before from the very same dealer!

Too much power, too little skill and no common sense!


… which was demonstrated–with fatal consequences–by two morons, about 10 years ago:

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Just because you have enough money to afford powerful cars does NOT mean you have the skills to drive one… Even IF it has ALL the nannies to try to make you look like Mario Andretti!

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In the summers, I used to work at a ATV/Boat/Motorcycle store.

One day, a young man came in and purchased a brand new Kawasaki 250 Ninja street bike with cash. Apparently he’d saved up for it, and he had his cute little girlfriend there with him to help celebrate.

The salesman pushed it around to the shop for gas, oil, and final prep. When the deal was done, the young man fired it up, rode about 10 feet…and then dropped it on the ground, scraping up the side of his brand new motorcycle. Girlfriend was standing there watching. Turns out he’d never ridden a motorcycle before…

Then, the young man had the nerve to ask the store owner if he would take back the bike and give him his money back. That didn’t go over too well…lots of disappointment that day…

Bill Cosby bought (or just drove?) a Ferrari, which was so powerful it scared him. He joked about it on his album 200 mph.

It’s a well known story here in Silicon Valley, “on June 8, 1983, the day Eagle’s initial public offering made him a multimillionaire, president and CEO Dennis Barnhart died in the crash of a Ferrari he was test driving.”

It was a Shelby Cobra Super Snake (CSX 3303)

Bill Cosby 200 MPH – Shelby Cobra Super Snake (CSX3303)

In 1967, Bill Cosby bought a Shelby Cobra Super Snake CSX3303 from his friend and former race car driver, Carroll Shelby. The CSX3303 was one of two Super Snakes built, which is a modified 1965 Cobra Competition roadster retained by Shelby American as a PR car and then modified with the addition of two superchargers and a Ford C-6 automatic gearbox. Of the two cars built, one was retained by Shelby and the other was sold to Cosby. The album title, 200 M.P.H., refers to the car’s top speed, which unnerved Cosby so much that he only drove it once before returning it. Shelby American sold it to S and C Motors in San Francisco, who then sold it to their customer, Tony Maxey. Maxey destroyed himself and CSX3303 by driving off of a cliff and into the Pacific Ocean.

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First motorcycle I rode was maybe a 125cc, minimal instructions, spun out in a gravel parking lot for my first ride, maybe 15 seconds in, I was unharmed as was his bike!