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Has anyone seen my video of the Ferrari 458 Italia ran over by a Ford F-150?

Has anyone seen my video of the Ferrari 458 Italia ran over by a Ford F-150 ?
I shot the video on Jan 28th in Brandon, Fl and posted it on YouTube the next day.
The video went viral with currently over 2 MILLION views!

Just thought that those who have not had the opportunity to see a $310,000.00 car get run over by a Ford Truck would LOVE to see my video!

I REALLY hope that people do not “enjoy” the sight of an auto accident.
Are there really folks that “love” to see a $300k+ vehicle hit by a Ford truck?

While it may be interesting to observe what happened, taking some kind of pleasure at seeing the destruction of someone else’s property is…not a healthy thing.

It’s pretty poor form to just show up and spam your youtube channel…


I feel sorry for both the Ferrari driver and the truck driver. With a car that expensive, it is possible the Ford driver might lose his insurance if he was at fault.

The guy is just trying to get bigger checks from Google, the more hits on his video the bigger the checks.

This guy is an idiot for trying to spam his channel here… I feel like going to channel and letting him know what I think of him.

Wow, it went viral with over 2 million views! Does anyone over 14 care? And what skill you have in being able to operate a cell phone camera. What an artiste. Does the fact that you can’t afford a vehicle like that cause you to take pleasure in others’ misfortune and make you want to share it with the world?

I suppose once in a while I get in the mood to watch senseless destruction, but mostly it just makes me feel sad. All the ‘cash for clunkers’ destruction videos were depressing too.

In a country of 320 million people, it’s not too hard to find 2 million morons who live in their Mom’s basement watching U-tube videos…

But I have often wondered…Since individuals can not control conditions that exist on public highways, why would ANYBODY risk a $320K car to these conditions??

Answer: To the people who own these cars, $320K is chump change, street money, walkin’round money…

James, get a job…

“I suppose once in a while I get in the mood to watch senseless destruction…”

I always liked demolition derby events. But at least those guys went into it knowing what the outcome would be and planned for the carnage.

I meant no offense by posting this video here. I posted it with the thought that on a car forum that there would be people here that may take interest in watching it. That is why I posted it in the General Discussion catagory. It was not meant as spam, as I posted it one time and not multiple times. I a;lso thought that a radio show called “Car Talk” might find it to be an interesting video enough to mention it on their show. That is if they had not already. It has been on the Today Show along with BILD “Germany’s largest news source” as well as many other media sources. The video struck an interest in many people, not only kids under 14 or people who are in their mom’s basements. Also, the video was shot very quickly because I drove up onto the scene moments after the accident and before the first officer was on the scene. It was not captured on a cell phone camera, but on a small standard def camcorder.

Take pleasure in his misfortune? I did not take pleasure in the accident, but I was glad that I had drove up at the moment that I did in order to quickly jump out and capture the footage to share. There is no pleasure in either driver’s misfortune but people still enjoy watching anything to do with a car crash even if there is not a $300,000.00 Ferrari involved!

To tell me to get a job is in its self a bad comment because there are MANY people in our country losing their jobs daily because of many reasons that include a bad economy. I would wish upon MANY people in our country a job if I had the power to do so, but it is out of my hands.

Again, sorry for just finding this site and sharing my video in the appropriate forum, or I thought it was.

I’ll cut you some slack. The video is not that bad in my opinion. It’s just another car crash video to go along with countless other motorcycle, aircraft, and boat crashes.
The only difference in this one is the amount of money involved. The F-150 is getting off light damage wise but if the accident was the truck’s fault his insurance carrier might be cringing a bit.

I know a little bit about the crash.
They both had insurance.
The Ferrari was charged.
The only damage on the truck was the front bumper needed replaced.
The Ferrari was shipped to Ferrari’s suggested body shop in N.J. and is still there awaiting parts because the way that Ferrari works in Italy it takes some time to get the replacement parts. I have been intouch with the owner of the Ferrari and plan on doing a follow up video once he has the car back or maybe even the delivery of it.

Thank You to those who did watch the video and contacted me through YouTube.

I see very little of interest here.
It doesn’t show the crash, only the aftermath.

The title of the video is a bit mis-leading, I would hardly call that crushed.

I would if I were calling my insurance company.

OK, I apologize for my comments. Before your response your posting looked for all the world like yet another spammer infiltrating a semi-private forum. I still hate to see nice things destroyed most of the time.